We are here to help - thank you for being part of our community. We appreciate you.
We are here to help - thank you for being part of our community. We appreciate you.
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 Spiral Charm Lock Shawl Pin with Rosewood Cabochon Charm:

  • Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
  • White Brass & Rosewood
  • Weight - .6 ounces
  • Total stick length - 4.5 inches
  • Ring diameter - 1.5 inches
  • Charm diameter - .625 inches

This shawl pin concept relies upon a flexible component we have named a Charm Lock, a split ring element that can accommodate a charm that can be slid on and off.

The pin may be worn on its own without a charm for a simple statement.  When charms are added, the pin takes on a lively, kinetic feel that is charming, unique, and secure.

The matching stick may be worn on its own and other charms may be purchased separately and are interchangeable with the Rosewood Cabochon Charm.


Straight Pin Shawl Stick:
  • Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia
  • White Brass
  • Satin Finish
  • Total length - 4 inches
  • Total Approx. weight - 3 ounces

The Straight Pin Shawl Stick is a minimalist form of exceptional function. The beauty of this simple shawl stick is the sheer quantity of styling real estate it has the capacity to control.  What other styling tool controls a full four inches of knitwear with one simple tool?  

The trick with shawl sticks is to thread them in and out of the knitwear so that the wiggles we design into these tools can do their job - of grabbing onto the fabric and holding your styling in place through tension and friction.  

The Straight Pin is not only just pure elegance and simplicity, it's a cheeky visual bit of fun.  The intermittent glint of metal you see when you thread this stick through your knitwear looks a bit like a running stitch.  The sewing reference is evoked on knitwear.


Shawl Cuff Combinations:

  • Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia and the United States
  • Satin Finish White Brass & Genuine Leather
  • Available in black, espresso, pewter, bark & plum
  • Stick length - 4 inches
  • Ring inside diameter - 1.375 inches
  • Ring outside diameter - 1.75 inches
  • Pin weight - .5 ounces/10 grams
  • Cuff weight - .5 ounces /10 grams
  • Cuff circumference - approximately 6.5 inches

This wonderful combination shawl cuff / shawl pin offers terrific versatility in styling and function - shawls can be styled in four different ways: with the pin, with the stick alone, with the cuff alone, or with the cuff secured with the stick. 

The cuff can also be worn as a cuff bracelet.  Our standard length fits a 6 inch wrist comfortably.  For custom size request, please let us know the finished length you want in a note at checkout.

The Mid-Century Modern Circle is a metal renderings of hand-drawn shape, representing the beauty and dynamism of imperfection and visualizing the handmade-ness of JUL knitwear jewelry.  This artisanal shape, that evokes the sleek lines of mid-century modern interior design, beautifully complements the elegant forms of contemporary shawls and garments of all kinds.  All of the Modern Shapes highlight simplicity and offer a range of flexible and crisp statements that do not compete with complex stitch patterns and colorwork.

Cuff / Pin includes Shawl pin ring, Shawl Stick & Snap-on leather strap