We are here to help - thank you for being part of our community. We appreciate you.
We are here to help - thank you for being part of our community. We appreciate you.
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Lock-Ins - beWoolen
Lock Ins and Events
Lock Ins and Events

Lock Ins and Events

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Remember Lock-Ins from your youth? While we won't stay awake until dawn, nor actually lock you in, we will be together to have a good time in our Great Room here at beWoolen.

SPACE IS LIMITED, so please be sure to sign up officially to reserve your spot.


Lock-Ins at beWoolen are a fun & social way to get together to work on your latest makes....grab your favorite people, or plan to make new friends. We love the energy and good times that everyone brings to the great room.

Lock-Ins feature special swag, eats & treats, beverages, show & tell, door prizes, and most importantly  -  time to work on ANY project you bring to work on while among friends. 


Here is the current list of upcoming events.....

Fall is on our minds....and soon it will be here!

 Our September Fall schedule is filling up with events and we've got plans for loads of special new yarns & products that are arriving every week, keeping our talented staff hopping! Join us to celebrate our absolute favorite time of year. Gathering with friends is also at the top of our list of favorite things to do....thank you for being at the heart of our community and sharing your time with us at beWoolen. We couldn't beTogether without all of you!

Each Lock-In will feature special swag, yummy eats and treats, show & tell, and several hours to work on your project of choice while having a great time among friends. 


Boo-Woolen Lock In - Friday October 13th from 5-9pm